Chalisa ... forty verses of lyrics. Verses that praise and plead with devotion. They are recited over and over again or chanted by groups ... even in the cane and rice fields by early indentured labourers ... or sung quietly in private temples in many homes. Each is directed to a deity ... there are as many dieties as their are virtous deeds and acts ... whose acts and deeds are recalled in the verses to aid the devotee to meditate on righteous and noble qualities.

Artis are sung ... mostly accompanied with the waving of a lighted deya ... during pujan of a deity. Artis are also sung either by an individual or in a group.

Chalisas and artis have been in existence since the emergence of the human race. In one form or another or at one time or another, man has turned to poetry to express their deepest and sincerest feelings. Todays hymns are not different and like Chalisas and artis, hymns, like poetry itself, reaches out from the heart that which is felt, in a manner related to time and its environment.

This attempt is far from complete. Errors and omissions are possible. Translation could be very difficult, but it is hoped that the reader would be kind to drop a few lines to:


Ram ChalisaShiva ChalisaGanesh Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa

Ram Arti Shiva Arti Ganesh Arti Hanuman Arti

Mantras, Strotams, Etc.
Rama Nama
Shiva ArtiGanesh Arti Ganesh Arti

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