Lesson 3

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To recap what has been learnt so far .

One vowel aa sound .... and 7 consonants ..

..k....m.....n....r....ch.....s .. and ...t

As a test see if you can read the word for tomato in Hindi

...yes.... tmaatr.

How about truth ?

-sch -pronounces as such.

Whats this English word ?


Lets look at two vowels . The little i or e...

is place in FRONT Of a letter for eg. this reads Miss in English.

...the line at the top should be joined but overlook that quirk for the moment.

The big ee....

is placed AFTER the letter. For eg this is the English word Team.


The following sentence in English has three new letters -for the P sound as in Pup , the L as in Look and the THE sound as in moTHEr .See if you can spot them


...The teacher meets the people.

Well done if you got all three new ones correct !

--pronounce THE - soft d ; the ..p sound as in Purse.

and the ...L as in Learn ? .

What are the following English words?




Answers - the Minaret ; Speak ; Leach

Notice that the above three words contain all the ten consonants ----

K L M N P R S T , CH , THE and the vowels AA , Little E and Big EEE learnt so far . Make sure you can recognise them.

Go over it again and again
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