Lesson 5

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Go over the first four lessons spending about 5 minutes on each to make sure you have the shape of the letters firmly in your mind.

In this lesson we learn of four more vowels

...which placed on top of a letter gives it an 'ae' sound as in Ape.

Whats this word ?


A double one on top like this

gives it a deeper ae sound as in Apple . Whats this word? .


. Yes Parrot.

To get th 'O' sound as in Oar we put this after a letter


..whats this word . ....its MORE -peacock.

and finally the deeper 'Au' sound as in crOcodile


What this word ?

....Molly -girls name

. This is the letter for Y as in Yummy.

Can you read this word ?

That's right - its yumyum..

This is the letter V as in roVer

Whats this word


This is H as in Hurt

Whats this word ?

...Answer hut.

finally the G sound as in Gum

Whats this word?.....Gun

this is a most important sentence in Hindi . Can you read it ?

Ye Kyaa Hae ? -literally This what is ? ; or what is this ?

You have now learnt most of
the common letters and vowels used in Hindi.
If you have come this far the rest is going to be plain sailing.
Its important to keep revising each lesson .

Go over it again and again

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