Lesson 6

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The un nasal sound is in two forms .

a) A dot


over the top as in the word rUNg (of a ladder ).

and b) as a longer deeper sound ann

as in the word cANt

Two letters which sound similar are the soft t -

made with the tip of the tongue touching the back of the upper top teeth and

the soft th sound with the tongue a bit further back as in souTH....

Whats this word ?

.........tota -----parrot .

Whats this word ?

.....Thanks !

Can you guess what this new letter sounds like

.....Laf (lough) it is the letter F written in Hindi as

Whats this word ?


See if you can guess the sound of another letter

from this word

...maD ie the D is represented by the letter

Whats this word ?


For a final test see if you can read this somewhat painful story in English. It has one new letter , see if you can guess the sound.

.......The bee stung John . He told his mum. She told him not to cry. The sound for a vowel i (or little e) is represented by the letter .

. Can you identify all the letters learnt in this lesson ?

. with un sound as in hung

....aan sound as in shant

....the soft t as when the tongue touches the bottom teeth -Lata -name of a girl.

....the soft th as in mirTH or THud .

.....The F as in First.

....the hard d as in Driver and finally the vowel sound for little e or i written on its own .

.......as in drY.

Next we look at more vowels on their own.

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