Lesson 9

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There are many forms of the letters N .
Only the first one displayed is ususally used .
Some are more nasal than others .
It is only important to know about them because you might come across them .
Remember only the first one is actually used a lot.

Compound letters

Unlike other Hindi letters these have two syllables and are probably derived from Sanskrit.

The first is soft t ......and r ....combined tr

as in Yatra

( journey)

The next is R and I combined Ri

as in Rishi (holy man )

The next is sh.... and r.... combined shr

as in Shrap (curse)

The next is k..... and sh.... combined ksh... as in .... Kshatriya (warrior)
And finally the G.... and y..... gya

as in Gyan (knowledge)

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