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There are some fierce looking letters which are really a combination of two Hindi letters. For example H and Y combined is hya .

They are not used that much but still is important to know them to be able to read Hindi.

Although below they are joined to each other they of course can occur separately.

Guess which is the combined form for

D and D ( Dd) ;

D and Y (Dya)

D and chesty D (Ddh)

h AND Y (Hya)....

Although they look difficult they are just combining two letters you have already learnt.

Next try

R and U ( Ru)

L and Ri (Lri)

- Note that the small downward curve is often used to add a ri sound to many letters.. It can be written at the bottom when it is pronounced after the letter as in the lri sound here or at the top when the ri is pronounced before the letter.

and D and V (Dva)


The following round off the combined letters - two ts , two ths , and two soft ts


Dont worry if you found this lesson difficult . these letters are used very rarely

.The only things left to learn are half letters and numbers and that we will do in the next lesson.

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