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Half Letters

Recall the sentence Neel cooks the chicken

The second word is written here as if pronounced with the full accent on each letter . So it really reads "KOOKUS". To make it as phonetic as possible the second K is written as a half K .

Can you read this ?

Yes its Neel cooks , note the second k has been halved.

Nearly all Hindi letters can be written as half letters and the letter is then pronounced with a short clip .

The following images contain sounds for most of the letters . See if you can match each letter to its sound

K , KH , j , soft t , Ksh , Gya, P , N , hard G , Dh , Ch , Chh, B , M , F , Ye , L , Bh . Sh , S , He



The answers going across the top letters of each picure are

K , Kh , hard G , chesty dh , F , M . Bh , F again , , M again , Bh again

The middle letters in each are

Ch , Chh , J , Soft T , Ye , L , V

and the bottom letters are

Ksh , Gya , B , N, P , Sh, S , H , Ksh again , Gya again , N . There is a chesty Sh which looks like the N above but has a diagonal line .

The following completes the half letters . See if you can guess the sound.

They are the common N , soft Th , soft T and Ye

For a real tough test see if you can read this word , its what you have been learning all along.

Yes its Hindi ! Note the half N .

For an easy end to this lesson guess what these numbers are in Hindi . They are being used less and less being replaced by our common numbers 1 , 2 , 3 etc.

Next time we look at a few more vowel sound Ri ,
And and put up the complete alphabet.

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