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Letter R

This is short lesson which will be extended in the coming subsequent lessons.

The letter R often has the long U placed in the middle rather than at the bottom.

Whats this word ?


Its Room .

A short diagonal stroke also gives an R sound after a letter , usually placed below P or F . Note the R here modifiying the first word FAS to what ?


The answer is France ! Note the nasal N dot over the F.

A short sign like the one above the letter six on your keyboard is often put under the T give a Tr sound. Whats this word?


Yes the R modifies the TK to give Truck .

Another is the Ri sound put under M and N but also other letters . whats this word - (Hindi for dance ) ?


Answer is Nritya.

An R sound can also be placed ABOVE a letter where it is sounded BEFORE the letter it is placed . As a test see if you can read the last word in the image below .


Many brownie points if you got the answer right . It is Mark !!

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