Lesson 14

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Compare your writing in Hindi with the following.
Dont worry if you got the 'spelling' slightly wrong .
You may pronounce the months differently !.
It can be very hard to know when to put in the half letters.
Give yourself five marks for each correct month you identify .

The correct answers are May March June December April June September October November January February August .

Now identify the following English numbers in the correct order . five marks for each.

The correct answers are 3 7 10 8 13 9 1 11 2 16 15 4 12 17 6 5 14 18 20 and 19.

If you got them all correct well done !.
Note the different ways that
the A in eighteen and A in April can be written .
If you feel confident try and
write down the common English first names
for boys and girls in Hindi and we will check this in lessons to follow.

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