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The next figure contains common English names ,
followed by Muslim boys and one Muslim girl's name
and finally common Hindu names .
See if you can get them all correctly.

The answers are Andrew , Michael , Tim , Anthony .
The next line has David , Bobby , Shane , Randy , Peter.
The third one is Larrisa , Sara , Joan and Indian girls name Rakhi.
The fourth has Ramzan , Hyder , Fara
The last one has Chand , Rishi , Gyan , Tribhuvan , Govinda .

Now lets look at some common phrases

Were you able to read them all ? The correct answers are : This is ; Guard that woman please ; Bow to the Rishi ; What (note since there is no w in Hindi most Indians tend to pronounce w as v ) are you doing this evening ? ; I have run out of money ; What time does the train leave? ; Direct me to the bank .

See if you can make a stab at writing the following in Hindi. Correct answers in next lesson . Write the letters but put the top line across a word afterwards. The remaining Hindi lessons will concentrate on some short stories written in English with Hindi script.

i have pain in my stomach, i need to see a doctor, i am sorry i dont understand hindi, i live in greece,how do i get to a hotel ? i want to get off at the next stop ,where is the nearest telephone. my name is , are you married, so you speak english, what is your telephone number , are u free to go out tonight, I want to marry you.

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