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These are the sentences from the last lesson.

I have pain in my stomach, I need to see a doctor, I am sorry I dont understand hindi, I live in greece,How do I get to a hotel ? I want to get off at the next stop ,Where is the nearest telephone ?. My name is... , Are you married?, So you speak english !, What is your telephone number? , Are u free to go out tonight ?, I want to marry you.

Here are how they are written in Hindi.

See if you can match the following sentences with the ones in the figure shown below. One of them has Hindi names . This lesson has nearly all the alphabet letters at least once , so if on going through it a second time you can get all the sentences correct , well done !

A. Oil in China B. Only Mark , Gyan , Rishee, Akshay , Tren made it . C. I have a pain in my stomach D.I need to see a doctor at once . E. Thank the French F. Shant do it G. Yes the colour brown and Khakhi go well together H . Oops John you made a mistake.

The answers are 1=C ; 2G; 3E;4H;5F;6D;7A;8B

Lets look in detail how these sentences are made up . Some of the words are written as they might sound . You may not agree with the vowels or the half letters the pronounciation of which depends on where in the world you come from.

Some notes on the above. In sentence one note the accent mark which looks like a half moon . It signifies the accent is on T and not on S.
In 2 the word well is spelt vael as there is no equivalent to W . You might write it as uvell to get closer to the sound. In 3 note the r mark modifying the F in French. In 4 there is a half P . In 6 the aaet is often written with only a single ae mark on top.In 8 note the r in mark over the k modifies M the previous letter.The Sh sound here is the more chesty Shh as in Shun , different from the Sh in no. shine 5.

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