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We will look at some common words in Hindi . Its not possible to put the whole dictionary here so only the most common ones are being shown . This lesson will gradually be expanded.

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In Western India Urdu words are more common while in Eastern India the more sanskrit type predominate. In some cases both are given. Most people in India understand English so its not absolutely vital to know Hindi to get around.

Each set of new letters is put on a new line so you can follow them more easily. The pronouciation guide is given below the figure.

I , You (respectful) , You (familiar) , He She It They , Mine , Yours
His Hers Its , Ours , Theirs , Why , What
Where , When , How, Who , Yes , No
Maybe , Father (Hindi) , Father (Urdu) , Wife(Hindi) , Wife(U) , Husband

The words in Hindi are maaen, aap , t'um, vh , maera , t'umhaaraa
uskaa, hmaaraa,unhonkaa,kyon, kyaa
khaan, kb, kaaesae , kisnae,haan, nahin
shaayd,pit'aa,baap,stri or pt'ni , beevi, pt'i

Later on we will interlope some more letters here but have a look at some animals.

animal (h) , animal(u), elephant , camel ,horse
lion (u) tiger , tigeress , lion(h),leopard
bear (h) , bear(u) , crocodile , monkey
rabbit, goat,sheep,tortoise, pig
mouse, fish , deer, donkey , snake

As a test see if you can write down what the above words sound like and check next time.Next for those who know Hindi write down in Hindi the following words. If you dont know Hindi then look at the answers in each paragraph and write them down in Hindi. We will put the Hindi figures in the coming weeks.


boyfriend-h, boyfriend-u , lover-h,lover-u , enemy-hindi , enemy -urdu ,girlfriend , oldman , oldwoman teacher , doctor , sailor , farmer ,tailor , shopkeeper , shop, school , house , room , garden , court , police station , bus stop , railway station

C answers

dost , mitr, aashique,premi,shatry , dushman,saheli, . , buda, budi, , book ,stamp, envelope , letter, video , radio , pen , paper fridge , oven , gas , petrol , eat , drink ,food , thirst , hunger , full , spoon , fork , knife , plate , cup , saucer , phone,CD , money , cheque book, credit card , sweater, trouser , shirt , underwear , watch , payjama, saree, comb , shampoo , soap , towel bathroom , toilet , bedroom , dining room , kitchen hotel , rest house , stomach , eye ,ear , nose , mouth , lip, hair , head , neck, chest , heart , liver , foot , leg , penis , vulva, nail ,teeth, tongue contact lens , spectacles lion- urdu, lion-hindi,tiger,tigeress , monkey , horse, donkey flower , rose , plant , tree ,seed sun, moon,planet, sunny, shade , dark, light ,bright ,

dull 1-10 , ten past one, cow,pig, dog,bitch,cat, bird, eagle, vulture,chicken .peacock, table,chair, stool, bench, bed, sunday-friday car , train ,ship lawyer,nurse,hair flu, headache,toothache,backache,coughsprain eye,ear,hand neclace,bangle,anklet,ear ring,chainnose ring sandles,shoes,handkerchief,belt,hat key,matches,broomumbrella,bag door, window,floor,roofstair.wall almond,peanut,salt,sugar ,yoghurt,tea,flour,oil,milk,butter,cheese,egg,meat tomato,onion,green chili,carrot,cauliflower,peas,aubergine,corriander,potato, apple,mango,banana,orange,tangerine crow,claw,elephant,monkey,crocodile,goat,fish,camel,mouse,tortoise,cucumber,

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