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Trinidad & Tobago .. The Rainbow Country
Lying at the southmost end of the Caribbean and adjacent to the South American Mainland, the twin islands boast of a multiplicity of religions and cultures as there are ethnic groups from several parts of the globe. Here an attempt is made to deal, briefly, with the islands peoples, holidays, festivals, history etc. Good hunting!
Some Aspects of Hinduism
Maha Lakshmi .. Ash-Takam
Goddess Lakshmi is a deity worshipped by Hindus throughout the world. Here is one of several prayers offered to Mother Lakshmi, in whose name Divali is celebrated.
Hindus Struggle for Survival
Religion on Reflection
Just what is religion and what meaning does it hold? What Hinduism mean to thousands who migrated from India to far off lands?

Content Inside

Nine forms of devotion
Rama's birth
Ayur Vedic Medicine
King Dasarath's Lament
Questions about Krishn
And more ....
Open Dance Drama in Trinidad
Today it is hardly heard of, but over night Hindu weddings with Dance Dramas were very popular before the 1950's. Remember Raja Harischandra? Prahalad? Indar Sabha? Bharat Meelap?
Indentured Indians & the Prem Sagaar
As the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Prem Sagaar played an important role to bring peace and courage and contentment among the Hindu East Indians during their early years in Trinidad, Guyana, Surinam and some other countries in the West. Here are some quotations from Shri Krishna Chand Ji of the Prem Sagaar
Pain and Agony
Raja Dasaratha's big secret unveiled?
Goswami Sant Tulsidas
Tulsidas 500th Birthday
Goswami Sant Tulsidas, born on August 10, 1497, wrote several books including the more popular Ramcharitamanas and Hanuman Chalisa. Tulsidas brought Rama's message to the "man in the street".
Learning Centre
Learn to Read & Write Hindi
This could help understanding and appreciation of the customs, manners and life styles of the East Indians. Further, read about East Indian in their popular language.
Hindu customs, festivals and observances.
Festival of Lights
A national holiday in Trinidad & Tobago. This day is dedicated to Godess Lakshmi by Hindus and seen as the more popular holiday, second only to Christmas, here. How did it happen?
Is marriage a contract?
Vows and pledges form the backbone of marriages, yet so often they are broken. Are rituals and ceremonies really necessary? Could the cost involved in the preparation and execution of "marriages" be better utilised to help young couples? The VOWS they pledge....

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Chalisas & Artis
Hanuman Chalisa as created by Sant Tulsidas, the author of the Ramcharitamanasa ... a must for Hindus throughout the World.