Shri Ganeshaya Namaa

What or Who Am I?
Is there a purpose to birth?
If so, what is it?
How do I find that purpose? Who or what has "set" that purpose and WHY?

I know
the answers are here
with persistence,
I just got to find it.


My Soul .. My Body .. My Life

Maybe, just maybe ::: BELIEF ::: Is All
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Hindusim ::: A Way of Life

Rama describes the Bhakti Path
Sabari Devotion and How it relates to Today

Rama Avatar
from Tulsidas' Ramcharitamanas
Manifestation of Lord Rama
with sound

Role of the RAMAYANA
in the Life of
Indentured Hindus in Trinidad

From the Ramayana
comes this story
that touched the hearts of thousands
througuout the World.

Vedic Medicine
in the Life of
Indentured Hindus in Trinidad

Test yourself to
understand Him and His role

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