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Shri Krishn Chand Ji

Birth and Delusion
On the eight of the dark part of the month of Bhádon, in the Rohini division of the zodiac on a Wednesday at midnight.
How did he appear before Básudeo and Devaki:
Being of the color of a cloud, with a face like the moon, lotus-eyed, wearing a yellow vest, with a crown on his head and adorned with the byjanti-necklace, composed of jewels, produced from the five elements of nature, and having ornaments studded with jewels, in a form with four arms, holding a shell, quoit, club, and a lotus.
Básudeo and Devaki with hands clasped prayed:
Great is our good fortune, that you have shown yourself to us, and given us a release from birth and death.
Shri Krishna Chand Ji responded:
Do not now suffer any anxiety of mind, because I have descended upon the earth to dispel your griefs, but
carry me now to Gokul; for at this very time Jasodá has had a daughter, which you take and deliver to Kans;
Listen to the reason of my going, which I will explain:
Nand and Jasodá have performed religious penance, fixing their affection upon me, they desire to see their child's happiness; I will go and stay some days with them. Thereafter, having killed Kans, I will return to you: keep up your confidence.

Having thus explained to Básudeo and Devakí
Shri Krishna Chand Ji being transformed into an infant, began to cry, and dissipated his delusion.

Krishna and the Caribbean

During the early years of the arrival of East Indians (May 30, 1845) in Trinidad in the West Indies, side by side with Shri Tulsidas' Ramcharitmansa and the Maha Bharata, the Prem Sagar inspired much courage, solace and peace to these indentured labourers who were faced situations and treatment not before anticipated.

If Rama of the Ramayana gave them strength and courage to bear the sufferings and pains and yet forge ahead, Krishn annointed them the joy and the love and peace of living as did the cowherds of Brindaban.

As Rama thought them to love and respect and treat all in accordance to their individual deeds, Krishn removed complacency in emphasising to fight for and even die, if need be, for righteous and just cause.

Each thought in their individual way that
" Duty is greater than Self "

Whether the Prem Sagar's Krishn Chand Ji and the Mahabharata's Krishn Chand Ji is the same or not, did not matter or cause any concern to these people then or their descendants, now. The Bhagwad Gita translated in several popular languages by scholars and professors to varying faiths is well known and form the basis to many principles for living.

Here the attempt is to present some quotes from Krishn Chand Ji of the Prem Sagar .... and in the process as, Shri Sukhdeo Ji told Raja Parichhit:

"If you will meditate attentively,
you will understand all;
what the body is,
whose abode it is
who manifests light in it"

The Prem Sagar
published in English by
Ram Narain Lal Beni Prasad of Allahabad 211002

is extensively quoted here as the source.

Prem Sagar Extracts

Although not strictly observed by all, bride's parents do NOT accept anything, including food, water or shelter, from their married daughter or son-in-law? This is observed mostly by those who performed "paw pujan" of the couple during their marriage ceremony.

Krishn made a purification fire and lit the funeral pile himself to cremate Sattrajit ... Satyabhama's, one of Krishn's wives, father.


Those were the days
Hundreds of years before Christ when some things that seem wrong in some cultures were acceptable then.
Marriage between first cousins was permitted in some countries.

Marriage of Rukm's daughter, Chaurmati to Rukmini's son, Pradyumana. Rukm and Rukmini were brother and sister. Rukmini was married to Shri Krishn Chan Ji.

Rukm told his sister:
" is an injunction of the Vedas, to give a daughter in marriage to a sister's son in the Decan country."


What is a woman's beauty?

"A woman without a husband is as defective in beauty as night without the moon".


Narad Ji says:
"The delusive powers of Hari cannot be comprehended; this power, in the form of Brahma, creates; as Vishnu, it preserves; as Shiva, it destroys; its nature is infinite, beyond the comprehension of man's intellect; but by his favour we know so much. that Vishnu frequently descends upon the earth to confer happiness upon holy men, destroy the wicked and promote what is eternally right."


Who is Good and who is Bad?
One, who without having done a good action expects good from others,
second, expects a return for good action,
a third, returns evil for good, and
the fourth, take no thought whatever of any good, done to him?
Shri Krishn Chand Ji says:
The best is he who does good without receiving any, as a father loves a son. It is no virtue to return good for good, in the manner a cow gives milk for the food she receives. Consider as your enemy one who regards good and evil alike. The most ungrateful of all is he who forgets good done to him.


Shri Básudeo Ji asks of Narad Ji:
"O chief of the sages, be pleased to favour us by saying, how a man, having come into this world, can escape from fate?"


Narad Ji replies:
"O great king! It is written in the Shastras, that the man who performs pilgrimage, make offerings, or performs penance or fasts or offer sacrifice, having escaped from the bonds of the world, will obtain supreme felicity."



 Even today there are those who, like Sudama, live in poverty, not knowing when they would get anything to eat while their childhood playmates or their school days friends live in abundance.

 In all cultures and countries, the poor and the rich exist side by side. Each strive on their karma and not until the individual's karma dictate change, time permits change for better or for worse. In Sudama's life the time had come for that change. Sudama was a poor Brahmin who had studied under the same spiritual teacher as Shri Krishn Chand Ji. Krishn and Sudama were best of friends and yet, economically they were miles apart.

 Sudama who was married, lived in a hut with barely a roof over their heads. More often than not, they had nothing to eat, yet Sudama was very humble and day after day, his wife and himself consoled one another, praying that life for them would somehow change but that change seemed to evade them at every turn.

 One day Sudama's wife being grieved and frightened at their poverty, pleaded with her husband:

Shri Krishn Chan Ji, who lives in Dwarika, is your chief friend and bestower of wealth, virtue, desires and final happiness to all. Please, just go to Him.

felt the grief and pain his wife was undergoing. He realised that it was not easy for her to make such a request, and he thought to himself:

How can I go to anyone, far less Krishn. I never gave anything to anyone. How can I now expect anyone to give me anything, even Krishn does not give anyone anything without first receiving something ... anything.

Sudama was in a dilemma. There was his wife near starved without a covered hut ... all seemed dark amd without hope. And sure thing, he'd love to see his friend.
Sudama agreed to go see his friend, Krishn. Sudama's wife decided she must send something for her husband's best friend. Quickly she tied a little rice in an old white cloth as a present for Krishn. Sudama taking the present and his lota and staff, set out to see his friend. But his thoughts kept racing on and on. He consoled himself that he was "not destined to be rich" but the trip would bring him face to face with his dear friend, Shri Krishn Chand Ji.

Reminiscencing his days at his spiritual perceptor with Krishn, Sudama painlessly walked to Dwarika ... a city surrounded by water. Having entered the city and with discreet enquiries, Sudama arrived at the gateway of Krishn's house and on further enquiry, he was directed with politeness to where Krishn was seated on a jewelled throne.

Shri Krishn Chand Ji on seeing Sudama, promptly descended the throne and advancing to meet him, seized his hand with great affection, and led him in and placed him on the throne.

Krishn's Adoration to Sudama
With Sudama seated on Krishn's throne, Shri Krishn Chand Ji
washed Sudama's feet and took the water, then smeared Sudama's body with sandal, placed unbroken rice on his forehead and decorated him with flowers. Thereafter, Krishn sprinkled perfume on Sudama and performed his arti before making enquiries of Sudama.

Krishn's adoration of Sudama did not go un-noticed. The full court was present and so were Krishn's wives who asked between themselves:

What virtuous act has this poor, weak, dirty, shabbily dressed Brahmin done in a former birth, that the lord of the three worlds has treated him with such great respect?

It was the conversation between Sudama and Krishn that followed that cleared the perplexities and bewilderment. Both reminiscencing about the times they shared at their spiritual perceptor's house, when Krishn recalled:
Brother do you recollect one day when the perceptor's wife sent us to gather wood and as we were fastening the wood, in the forest, on our heads to go home it began to rain and a storm followed? It rained so heavily that most places were flooded. We tried to shelter under a tree but got all wet and spent the night in that condition. Next morning the perceptor came in search of us and took us home after blessing us.

Sometime after the conversation changed when Krishn reminded Sudama that since they parted from their perceptor's home he had not seen or heard of him. Krishn, expressing his pleasure at Sudama's visit, asked Sudama to tell where he was and what he was doing?
Sudama taken aback, replied:
O sea of compassion and brother of the poor! O master! acquainted with the secrets of the heart, you know everything; there is nothing in the world, which is concealed from you.

And Krishn laughingly asked Sudama as to why he (Sudama) did not give him the present sent for him by his (Sudama's) wife? Sudama was abashed and his spirit drooped but Krishn quickly grabbed the tiny bundle that was pressed under Sudama's arm, and opened it. Without hesitation, Krishn ate two mouthful of the rice and was about to take the third when his wife, Sri Rukmani Ji held his hand and said:

O great king! you have given him two world, would you not keep some place for your own habitation; this seem to be a Brahmin of excellent disposition and very good family, a great religious ascetic, and one who has abandoned all terrestrial objects because he has not exulted on obtaining wealth. I know therefore that he looks upon gain and loss alike, rejoices not at obtaining nor sorrows at loss.
Shri Krishn Chand Ji tells Sri Rukmani Ji
Beloved! this is my best friend, how can I enumerate his many excellent qualities?

Krishn then took Sudama from the court into the house and after entertaining him with with several types of delicacies set him on a bed to rest. Sudama soon fell asleep.
It was at this point that Krishn got Vishwakarma to go and replace Sudama's hut with a beautifully well furnished and laid out house, ensuring that all the desires of Sudama were met.

Sudama, however slept through the night and early next morning having taken his bath and performed his religious meditation and worhip, went and took leave of Krishn to return home. On his way home, Sudama reflected:
I did well in not asking Krishn for anything: had I asked him he would certainly have given it but he would have thought greedy and avaricious, no matter, I shall be able to explain all the circumstances to my wife. Krishn treated me with the greatest respect and honour and considered me as free from avarice; this is for me equal to a lakh rupees.

Sudama was content with the outcome of events but when he reached home ...there was no home. Not even his hut in sight but a populous city had taken over. What a calamity, he thought. "Lord", he said, "what hast thou done? I had one affliction and thou hast given me another"?

Sudama did the next best thing .. went up to the gateman and enquired as to whose dwelling stood in front of him and then he was shocked:

"It belongs to Sudama, the friend of Shri Kirshn Chand.

Before Sudama could utter another word, accompanied by female companions, his wife .. adorned in jewels from head to foot ... came out and fell to his feet; thereafter she laid a carpet of silken cloth for him and with hands clasped she asked him:
Why are you standing there? Come into the house and banish all anxiety from your mind; after you left, Vishwakarma came and built this house in a second.

But Sudama having entered the house and on seeing the great profusion of wealth felt very much dejected and seemed lost. His wife, however, found this strange as asked:

Husband! people are rejoiced at obtaining riches but you are sad; what is your reason for this?
Sudama replied:
Beloved! this wealth is very deceptive, it has deceived us; it is still deceiving and will continue to deceive the whole world. Krishn has bestoyed it upon me, not having confidence in my affection; when did I ask him, that he has given it to me? This is why my mind is sad.
But Sudama's wife was quick to respond:
you did not ask anything of Shri Krishn Chand Ji; but, he being acquainted with the secrets of the heart, knows the thoughts of each individual; in my mind there was a desire for wealth, which Krishn has satisfied; do not form any other opinion in your mind upon this subject.


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